The Method


"Movement is life, life is movement". The freedom to move, to explore the body in all its fullness, is a gift. Through everyday lifestyle and body habits, disabilities, chronic pain, injury, sickness stress or trauma, the body experiences movement restrictions in one form or another. Once the body loses its movement ability in whichever area affected, the area can under go stress, tension or pain, causing other parts of the body to take over the work and create new patterns. Over a period of time, the body looses its balance and freedom to move.
Pilates is a movement-coaching technique to help ease the tension, rebalance the body and help strengthen the overall musculature. It teaches awareness, which brings the mind into the body. With awareness we become conscious of our movement patterns, tension and restrictions. Once we are conscious we then have the ability to change these patterns and bring back overall balance. This is achieved through the following principles: Balance, Breathing, Control, Centering, Concentration, Precision and Flow. Integration of all these principles while exercising sculpts a strong and mobile body and brings awareness to our everyday life. A collection of exercises, whether done on the Pilates equipment or on the mat, is put together in a way that addresses movement through the body evenly. This brings strength and flexibility where needed and can be adjusted to different body shapes and requirements
Exercises are executed with the emphasis on quality and precision rather than quantity. This helps improve the strength and mobility of the body. By addressing the deep core muscles before loading the superficial muscles with weight, we are able to address tension/fatigue and weakness along the spine or within the joints. This lays a very good foundation for loading the body with weight thereafter.
"When your muscles are properly developed, you will as a matter of course, perform your work with minimum effort, maximum ease
It is important to look for a qualified trainer. There are organizations that seek to keep the Pilates method authentic and where teachers who are listed in these organizations are qualified to teach at a high standard.

Recommended organizations:
Switzerland: Schweicherischer Pilates Verband
UK: The Pilates Foundation UK
US: Pilates Method Alliance




All sessions are by appointment only.
Trial Session: CHF 100.-
1 Private Session: CHF 130.-
10 Sessions Abo (valid 6 months): CHF 1200.-

Privates sessions last 55 min

Studio Policy
Sessions are by appointment only / 24 hour cancellation notice required
Prepaid sessions are non refundable nor transferable
Prepaid sessions have a 6 month validity
Prices and conditions are subject to change without notification

Our Studio

Kaya Studio is a fully equipped comprehensive Pilates training studio in Zollikon. Our vision has always been to offer professional, high quality teaching in a safe environment, where there is an open and warm dialogue between teacher and client. Since our opening in 2003 we have grown into a reputable studio, teaching private sessions.

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We offer:
Pilates Private sessions
Private sessions are offered in our fully equipped studio. The introductory session starts with an assessment of the reasons the client wants to start Pilates and their goals, a background evaluation, general postural assessment and an introductory session to Pilates. The sessions thereafter are designed to the needs of the client’s own body and goals set out between the trainer and client.

Release Techniques Sessions
What is muscle tension?
Muscle tension is a condition where muscles remain semi-contracted for an extended period of time. Causes can include physiological stress, emotional stress, trauma or injury. The effects of tension can impact the ability of the muscles to function well by:
° Impeding movement ability
° Loss of range of movement
° Causing pain and discomfort

There are times when the body is not ready to take on a Pilates workout because of this tension. We prepare the body first by doing a session of release work to help ease this tension before taking on a fully loaded workout.
What can you expect in this work?

We apply very small and gentle movements, either along the spine or within the joints. Attention to alignment and positioning of the bones is important. This brings integrity back to the joints and allows for the blood circulation to flow back to the tissue relieving tension. We also apply gentle stretches, which follow the fascial lines of the connective tissue. This is a passive form of guidance.

By first applying this work we find it helps the person and their body to feel more connected and confident to start building up to bigger movements and loaded work.

We do not apply stretches when there is inflammation or pain. There is always a dialogue between client and instructor when applying this work.

Bridging Program
We offer a module-based bridging program. This program is designed for teacher trainers who wish to build on their teaching skills, repertoire knowledge on mat or equipment or just for another outlook on applying the method.

For more information about the program, please email or call: +41763160001